Specializing in regulatory consulting for companion diagnostics

  • Global regulatory strategies designed specifically suited for drug and diagnostic co-development programs.
  • Insights provided on managing regulatory activities with a diagnostic manufacturer as partner.
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Offering consultation on design of regulatory strategies for early drug development programs

  • Consultation provided on drug programs covering wide range of therapeutic areas: diabetes, cardiovascular oncology and autoimmune.
  • Effective regulatory risk mitigation strategies identified with a focus on implementation.
  • Evaluation provided on design of drug development programs with label as end in mind.
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How to optimize communi-cation strategies with regulatory bodies

  • Design effective regulatory body interaction strategies.
  • Discuss considerations for IND management.
  • Consult on IND submission.
  • Provide guidance on focused briefing documents.
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Starting with the end in mind

Apropos Regulatory Consulting is a LLC which is focused on collaborating with clients to deliver a tailored regulatory strategy that is fit for purpose.  Regulatory consulting services are especially geared to early drug development programs.  Drug developers need a regulatory roadmap to navigate through development programs where there is substantial uncertainty.  Although science is evolving for any drug program, keeping an eye on the desired drug label is a winning strategy to making sound decisions for successful registration and commercialization.

Co-development programs can multiply the complexity when a drug is being developed with a diagnostic.  Apropos Regulatory Consulting has experience in shaping strategies that can start as early as pre-FHD where biomarker concepts may lend to a companion diagnostic.  With Apropos, options can be brainstormed and narrowed to a regulatory strategy that is best suited for the circumstances regardless of stage of the drug development program.  Strategies include the delivery of insights on the collaboration with a diagnostic partner.

Christine Gathers of Apropos Regulatory Consulting, LLC has experience in working with FDA and has delivered numerous regulatory presentations at biomarker as well as companion diagnostic conferences.


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